Before and After School Program



Caloosa Elementary offers a before school and after school program for its students. This is a fee-based program which includes a variety of activities for students. The registration for the Sunrise/Sunset program is $25.00 per family. The morning program is $20 per week per child. The Sunset program is $50 per week per child. Charges are the same if the child attends 1 day or 5 days. Weeks that are not 5 days families will be charged a prorated amount instead. For example, 4 day weeks will be $40 instead of the usual $50 for 5 days.

  The program closes at 6PM daily. ALL ACCOUNTS MUST BE FULLY FUNDED PRIOR TO THE CHILD ATTENDING. You will need to pay one week ahead in order to stay active in the program. If payment has not been made by Monday morning, students may not attend the program until the outstanding balance has been paid. If you have questions regarding your balance, you may contact Janet Batista, our bookkeeper.

Students will have homework time every day from 2:30 to 3:30. Counselors are on hand to help students. This is not a tutoring program but an opportunity for students to work on their homework in a quiet, structured setting.

Students will have a special activity Monday through Thursday. The students are assigned a group and rotate to activities such as crafts, cooking, computers, board games and more.

If you have any questions, please email Michael Duron at [email protected] or, Jennifer Pietronigro at [email protected]

Below is our schedule of activities.


Homework, crafts, games, outside time

First and Second Grade

Rotating Days:
Reading Rainbow
Board Games

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades

Rotating Days:
Engineering/brain games